Calculus derivative of chain rules, basic mathematics ( kalkulus turunan aturan rantai )

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in this post i will discuss four question related to derivative calculus especially derived calculus that uses chain rules to solve the problem.

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First Problem

in the first problem we can see that y contains function to the power of 3, and this function also contain power equation, so that the one of reasonable way to get calculus derivative answer is by mutliplying each equation that obtain in power equation

but before we doing that there is one thing that we must look at, the greater power that contain in chain power equation it means the equation will more comlicated if we want to mutliply it.

so to simplify workmanship chain rules are used like the picture above, so to use chain rule first we need to defind u as an equation and derived speretly with equation we defind

Second Question

basically the problem number 2 is not much different with problem number 1, because the problem different just from the equation form

Third Question

now we come to the third problem, in this proble i take the example of trigonometric equation. To work on the derivative trigonometric equation, we must use additional rules about trigonometric calculus derivatives. 

Fourth Question

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