How to Get Compton Equation ( Penurunan persamaan compton )

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Well, in this post we will discuss about one of physic phenomena which is one of triggers for the development of the world Modern Physic.

The physics phenomenon that we will discuss this time is the Compton effect scattering phenomenon. Especially for the discussion this time we will focus how to get compton equation from physical phenomena which have been experimented by Compton.

Compton carried out a series of experiment which he shoot a material with certain frequency of light, and observed what happen with the light after the interaction with the material.

The thing obtained from this experiment is disclosure on the fact that the light he shot experiences an increase in wavelength, where the increase of wavelength does not depend on intesity of the given wave but only depend on scattering angle of light.

This can happen when the light seen as a particle so that the interaction of the light with electron in the material can be seen as an interaction of collision of two particle.

So that if there is no energy lost during the interaction the law of conseravation of momentum and the law of conservation of energy can be used explicitly.

To get the equation , we change the energi equation to be the equation down below.

now that we have obtained the first equation from the law of conservation energy, let's save equation 1 and we move on to review the law of conservation momentum.

with assumption that collosions in two-dimentional direction and one photon only interac with one electron so we can get...

now square each equation (2) and equation (3) after that the two equation added one each other.

once again to make aour work easier we need to change equation (4) with assumption like this...

to solve the equation reduce equation (6) with equation (1)

The equation obtained are the equation discuss earlier with the aquisition of equation that illustrate the results of the compton experiment, it become clearthat the light basiclly behave like a particle, although sometimes it can behave like a wave. The dual nature of light called the dualism of light, which maybe discuss in others post


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