Calculus High Oder Derivative Problem and Answer ( Soal dan jawaban Turunan orde tinggi ) Basic Math

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Welcome to Eroniana, how are you guys? i hope you're always healthy. I Wanna say thank's to all of you because taking your time to read this post. In this post i want share with you some problem and answer of high order calculus derivative. I hope this post can help you to get more reference of calculus problem, exactly hisgh order calculus problem.


Fisrt Problem

In the fisrst problem we asked to determine the form of second derivative from the equation A(x) by using basic calculus rules, which some of this rules have been discuss in this blog.

Second Problem

Third Problem

Just like two question, in this third problem we are asked to look for the second derivative of A(x), something that must be considered in the third and first problem is the we use chain rules to solve the problem.

Fourth problem 

In this fourth problem i use multipication rule to solve it. The first step is to change the form of A(x) to be multipication form like settlement below.

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