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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

How to get Aeroplane Landing Equation Easliy with calculus (Persamaan Polinom Pendaratan Pesawat Terbang)

Hello welcome to Eroniana...how are you guys? i hope you are always fine. Before i start discuss about this post i want to say thank you for all of you for taking your time to read this post.

In this post i will share with you how to get polynomial equation from the plane height associated with landing distance and looking for the plane acceleration in y direction if the velocity in x direction is always constant.

First let's review the problem we face and get the boundary condition related with this situation 

The initial condition described is when the x is zero then the velocity of y direction at h is equal to zero, and when x is equal to L the velocity of y direction also zero

Now we have obtain four boundary condition, that's it initial and final condition of plane position and velocity 

With using polinomyal approch we can find the ideal equation of plane height related with landing distance.

After we get the boundary condition, now we must subtitute all equation we get and find the form of a, b, c, and d related with it's height and landing distance.

Ok after we bet the form of a, b, c, and d the next step is subtitute the form of a,b,c,d to the polynom equation that we assume before, and after that we get the equation P(x) = y = equation of height related with landing distance

For the second cases, if we want to get the form of acceleration equation, the simple way to get it is just derrive the y equation twice depend on time

We assume the velocity in x direction always constant dx/dt = v = constant
So we get the accelerate equation in y direction...

ok i think that's all can i share to you maybe it's not perfect and maybe there is some mistake in my grammar and the way i'm using english...but i hope this post can help you to understand much about calculus and thank you for read my post...you can write your opinion in comment below to make this blog more efficient and better every single day... :)

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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Calculus High Oder Derivative Problem and Answer ( Soal dan jawaban Turunan orde tinggi ) Basic Math

Now on world often been hit by number of political issues which may seem strange to ordinary people...

but take it easy in this post i will not disscus about political issues, and just make it to be introduction...haha

Welcome to Eroniana, how are you guys? i hope you're always healthy. I Wanna say thank's to all of you because taking your time to read this post. In this post i want share with you some problem and answer of high order calculus derivative. I hope this post can help you to get more reference of calculus problem, exactly hisgh order calculus problem.


Fisrt Problem

In the fisrst problem we asked to determine the form of second derivative from the equation A(x) by using basic calculus rules, which some of this rules have been discuss in this blog.

Second Problem

Third Problem

Just like two question, in this third problem we are asked to look for the second derivative of A(x), something that must be considered in the third and first problem is the we use chain rules to solve the problem.

Fourth problem 

In this fourth problem i use multipication rule to solve it. The first step is to change the form of A(x) to be multipication form like settlement below.

ok i guess that i can share to you in this post, once again i want say thant you for reading this blog and dont forget to share this blog if you thing it really nice blog ... and lets read all of eroniana calculus post in this blog :)

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Implicit Calculus Derivative Problem and Answer ( Soal dan jawaban turunan implisit kalkulus )

hello welcome to Eroniana...

How are you today? i hope you always happy in your entaire life... :)

ok today i just wanna share some problem and answer from calculus and basic math again...if you ask me, why i love calculus so much and make tutorial like this, i just wanna answer...because calculus the only course i know...haha just kidding.

In this post i want to share with you problem and answer from the implicit derivative calculus.

i hope this post can help you in understanding calculus by working on a variety of question given, without wasting time let's answer the first problem.


First problem...

Second Problem...
Third Problem...
Fourth Problem...
Basically if you look at the four question above we can conclude that it just like an ordinary derivative calculus, where we are asked to get the form dy/dx from an equation.

the thing make implicit derivative different is that the equation that we have can't  be directly derived because basically the function used in implicit derivative contains the independent variable and the dependent variable in the same place.

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

How to Get Compton Equation ( Penurunan persamaan compton )

Hello welcome to Eroniana, thank you for reading this blog and i hope you are healty...
Well, in this post we will discuss about one of physic phenomena which is one of triggers for the development of the world Modern Physic.

The physics phenomenon that we will discuss this time is the Compton effect scattering phenomenon. Especially for the discussion this time we will focus how to get compton equation from physical phenomena which have been experimented by Compton.

Compton carried out a series of experiment which he shoot a material with certain frequency of light, and observed what happen with the light after the interaction with the material.

The thing obtained from this experiment is disclosure on the fact that the light he shot experiences an increase in wavelength, where the increase of wavelength does not depend on intesity of the given wave but only depend on scattering angle of light.

This can happen when the light seen as a particle so that the interaction of the light with electron in the material can be seen as an interaction of collision of two particle.

So that if there is no energy lost during the interaction the law of conseravation of momentum and the law of conservation of energy can be used explicitly.

To get the equation , we change the energi equation to be the equation down below.

now that we have obtained the first equation from the law of conservation energy, let's save equation 1 and we move on to review the law of conservation momentum.

with assumption that collosions in two-dimentional direction and one photon only interac with one electron so we can get...

now square each equation (2) and equation (3) after that the two equation added one each other.

once again to make aour work easier we need to change equation (4) with assumption like this...

to solve the equation reduce equation (6) with equation (1)

The equation obtained are the equation discuss earlier with the aquisition of equation that illustrate the results of the compton experiment, it become clearthat the light basiclly behave like a particle, although sometimes it can behave like a wave. The dual nature of light called the dualism of light, which maybe discuss in others post


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Friday, August 17, 2018

Calculus derivative of chain rules, basic mathematics ( kalkulus turunan aturan rantai )

hello welcome to eroniana...

in this post i will discuss four question related to derivative calculus especially derived calculus that uses chain rules to solve the problem.

i want to say thank you for reading this post, i hope this post will be use full and improve your ability to do some calculus problem.

Well without lingering, let's strat discussing the first question... :)


First Problem

in the first problem we can see that y contains function to the power of 3, and this function also contain power equation, so that the one of reasonable way to get calculus derivative answer is by mutliplying each equation that obtain in power equation

but before we doing that there is one thing that we must look at, the greater power that contain in chain power equation it means the equation will more comlicated if we want to mutliply it.

so to simplify workmanship chain rules are used like the picture above, so to use chain rule first we need to defind u as an equation and derived speretly with equation we defind

Second Question

basically the problem number 2 is not much different with problem number 1, because the problem different just from the equation form

Third Question

now we come to the third problem, in this proble i take the example of trigonometric equation. To work on the derivative trigonometric equation, we must use additional rules about trigonometric calculus derivatives. 

Fourth Question

ok maybe that's all i can share in this post, hopefully this postis use full, thank you for reading

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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Basic Problem and answer Derivatives Calculus Trigonometry ( Soal turunan Trigonometri dasar)

hi ... hi welcome to Eroniana...

in this post I will share with you some examples of trigonometric derivative problems...

without wasting any more time, let's look at the problems ...


before working on the questions to be answered, it's good if we remember some basic rules contained in the derived calculus ... here are some equations that will be used...

ok let's start...
in problem number 2 we use equation 4 to solve the problem.
this is because x and cosx are two equation depend on x...
...---...---...---...---...--- Thank you for read my blog...follow my ig 
sorry if there are some mistake, dont hestiate to ask to me...and thank you


Saturday, August 11, 2018

questions and answers to the basic derivative calculus ( soal dan jawabankalkulus turunan dasar )

Hi ... hi ... welcome to Eroniana ... how are you guys, hopefully alright!

( Terjemahan : Hai...hai... selamat datang di Eroniana ... apa kabar kalian, semoga baik-baik saja ya! )

okay ... in this post I will share with you some examples of derivative calculus problems that usually appear in exam questions...

( Terjemahan : oke... pada postingan kali ini aku akan bagikan ke kalian tentang beberapa contoh soal kalkulus turunan yang biasanya muncul dalam soal ujian. )

maybe you often wonder, why is the problem that is on the exam more difficult than the problem that we usually do when training?

( Terjemahan : mungkin kalian sering bertanya-tanya, kenapa soal yang ada pada ujian lebih sulit daripada soal yang biasaya kita kerjakan saat latihan? )

the answer to this question is ... the question being tested is basically a variation of the material that you have previously obtained plus the material you just learned...

( Terjemahan : jawaban dari pertanyaan ini adalah...soal yang diujiankan pada dasarnya merupakan variasi dari materi yang telah kalian dapat sebelumnya ditambah dengan materi yang baru saja kalian pelajari )

well, to overcome the variation of the question this time I will share with you some examples of problems that correspond to variations that you might have learned before .... hopefully it can help :)

( Terjemahan : nah untuk mengatasi variasi soal tersebut kali ini aku akan bagikan ke kalian beberapa contoh soal yang bersesuaian dengan variasi yang mungkin telah kalian pelajari sebelumnya....semoga dapat membantu )


before working on the problem, it's good to look at some of the calculus rules that we will discuss this time ... here are some equations that are used ...

( Terjemahan : sebelum mengerjakan soalnya ada baiknya kita lihat dulu beberapa aturan kalkulus yang akan kita bahas kali ini...ini dia beberapa persamaan yang diguakan ...)

these equations are basic equations that are often used in derivative calculus ... and these equations become your first capital to solve basic calculus problems ... without wasting time let's look at the first problem

( Terjemahan :keempat persamaan ini merupakan persamaan dasar yang sering digunakan pada kalkulus turunan...dan persamaan-persamaan ini menjadi modal pertama kalian untuk menyelesaikan permasalahan kalkulus dasar...tanpa berlama-lama mari kita lihat soal pertama )

in this first problem the calculus technique used is equation 4 which has been shown in the previous picture ....

( Terjemahan : )

in this case we assume that there are two types of equations that exist in one place ... so we consider the two equations to be multiplications of two equations ... which if we reduce the multiplication of two equations we can use equation 4

( Terjemahan : pada soal ini kita menganggap ada dua jenis persamaan yang ada didalam satu tempat...sehingga kita menganggap dua persamaan itu sebagai perkalian dua persamaan...yang dimana bila menurunkan perkalian dua persamaan kita dapat menggunakan persamaan 4 )

okay let's move on to the next question...

yeah, it's the same as before, because the problem is a basic problem with certain variations ... so I don't think that there are many discussions for these two questions, huh ... yes there is an addition to number 2) you can use equation 3 to solve it ...

( Terjemahan : yah masih sama seperti sebelumnya soalnya merupakan soal dasar dengan variasi tertentu...jadi aku kira tidak perlu banyak pembahasan untuk dua soal ini hehehe... ya ada tambahan untuk no 2) kalian bisa gunakan persamaan 3 untuk menyelesaikannya...)

and we come to the example of the last question ... jreng jreng

yep maybe only four questions that I can share in this post ... apologize if there are some mistakes :)

( Terjemahan : yap mungkin hanya empat soal itu saja yang bisa aku bagikan pada postingan kali ini...mohon maaf bila ada beberapa kesalahan )

I hope some of these questions can help ... and in the future there will be more questions that I will share with you ... so hope you always follow Eroniana ... see you :)

( Terjemahan : aku harap beberapa soal ini dapat membantu...dan kedepannya akan lebih banyak lagi soal-soal yang akan aku bagikan ke kalian....jadi ikuti terus Eroniana ya ... Chiao...)

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